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Archive Ingest and Handling Test

NDIIPP published a report in 2005 titled Archive Ingest and Handling Test (AIHT). It discusses their project to ingest and markup a digital archive; export and sharing of that same digital archive from the tested preservation regimes; and conversion of digital objects from one format to another. The lessons learned will help all of us looking at building an digital archive.


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NDIIPP Preservation Tools

NDIIPP has an extensive list of tools and services that were designed, developed or used by NDIIPP partners during their projects. The Library encourages NDIIPP partners and others in the preservation community to take advantage of the work and resources of our partners. The inventory includes a range of tools that can assist with webpage archiving, ingesting e-records, metadata management, etc.


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Digital Forensics and Digital Preservation

Check out the interesting blog post by Leslie Johnston at the Library of Congress about the interconnectivity between digital forensics and digital preservation where she discusses some of the relevant projects, software, and hardware.


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Web Archiving at the Library of Congress

Since 2000 the Library of Congress has been working to collect and preserve web sites. Their project had been called MINERVA, now it is known as The Library of Congress Web Archives (LCWA). They have archived websites around themes such as the United States National Elections, the Iraq War, and the events of September 11. They have helpful technical information that provides information on how they harvested websites and which metadata fields they used.


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