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Managing Email

On Chris Prom’s Practical E-Records blog there is an interesting case study by Susan Thomas titled “Receiving and Managing Email Archives at the Bodleian Library.”


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Testing Archivematica

Chris Prom released a case study on his Practical E-Record blog about his experiences with testing Archivematica:


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Email Preservation: Selected Bibliograpy

Check out Chris Prom’s helpful bibliography of resources relating to email preservation on his Practical E-Records blog.


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Web Archiving Service Evaluation

Chris Prom has a very helpful blog entry about his progress on evaluating web archiving service providers. His first three installments were reviews of open source software such as HTTrack, GNU Wget free utility, and Heritrix. The fourth installment is a review of the Web Archiving Service (WAS) developed by the California Digital Library, which is a fee based service for capturing and storing websites.
Check it out on his blog at:


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Archivematica .7 alpha Installation

Our University Archives is looking at Archivematica as a  tool for managing e-records and planning on testing it later this year. For others that are also looking at Archivematica, check out Chris Prom’s latest blog post about his experience with the latest release of the software:


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