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Digital Transition Policy

The Australian Commonwealth Government has issued a policy directive which requires all Government agencies to transition from reliance on paper for records towards digital records management for efficiency purposes. The National Archives of Australia has issued a range of information about how this could be done. Some of the information relates to:
* Benefits of going digital
* Obtaining senior management support
* Scanning incoming paper
* Reducing paper stockpiles
* Self-assessment of records management capabilities
* Incorporating records management functionality into business systems
* Reviewing business practices to reduce reliance on paper

For more information, view the Digital Transition Policy website at the National Archives of Australia: http://www.naa.gov.au/records-management/digital-transition-policy/index.aspx

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Xena Digital Preservation Software

In 2009 the National Archives of Australia released their newest version of their Xena digital preservation software. As stated on their website, “Xena aids in the long term preservation of digital records. Xena is an acronym meaning Xml Electronic Normalising for Archives.” It detects the file formats of digital objects and converts digital objects into open formats for preservation. It has been used in the preservation of a range of electronic formats, such as websites and email.

General site: http://xena.sourceforge.net/index.php
Tool for converting email Outlook PST files to XML: http://xena.sourceforge.net/help.php?page=setemail.html

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