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Guidance for Managing Content on Shared Drives

The National Archives and Records Administration is requesting comment from federal agencies on proposed new guidance for managing content on shared drives. As stated in the draft bulletin, “A shared drive on its own does not provide the functionality of an automated electronic recordkeeping system such as a DoD 5015.2-STD certified system. If agencies store records on a shared drive, they must implement policies and procedures that provide records management functionality. Because shared drives are not automated electronic recordkeeping systems, records
management functionality requires manual intervention and will be a challenge.”


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Toolkit for Managing E-Records

NARA has a handy online toolkit that provides links to numerous resources discussing the management of e-records.


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Managing and Archiving Mixed Media

NARA released a draft bulletin that provides guidance on managing files with mixed electronic media. It provides helpful tips on how to store and manage mixed media that may come on DVD or CD. This may help those of us working in archival settings where we are receiving collections that have a mix of paper, electronic, and audio-visual records.


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Establishing Trustworthy Digital Repositories

NARA released a Discussion Guide for Establishing Trustworthy Digital Repositories Based on the ISO Open Archival Information System (OAIS) Standard Reference Model. While it focuses on federal records, it can provide guidance to all of us looking at digital repositories as tools that can help manage e-records.


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Preservation and Reconstruction of Electronic Records at NARA

NARA continues to support research on technology and systems used to preserve electronic records. One of their projects is based at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, at the University of Illinois. They have produced a website detailing their work on the appraisal of e-records,  file format conversion, and metadata extraction. Check out their website at:


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Follow NCAST on Facebook

NARA’s Center for Advanced Systems and Technologies is now on Facebook. I recommend you “like” their Facebook site – with all of the work NARA is doing regarding preservation of e-content you never know when they may have some information that may help you.


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