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Current Email Archiving Project: MeMail

Check out Mike Shallcross’ blog entry detailing the current MeMail e-mail archiving project undertaken at the University of Michigan by the Bentley Historical Library. The goal of the project is to pair records management tools and techniques with outreach and education directed towards records creators, and it is looking at email and other digital content. The current project tasks are looking at how to automate portions of the workflow and to develop resources to manage content.


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Email Archiving Project at Harvard University

Harvard University Libraries began planning for an email archiving project in early 2007. The two-year pilot project was undertaken to implement a system for the ingest, processing, preservation, and eventual end user delivery of email, in anticipation of it becoming an ongoing central service at the University after the pilot. In 2010 they published a paper describing some of the unexpected challenges encountered during the pilot project and how they were
addressed by design decisions.


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