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Preserving Email

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) published a new report written by Christopher Prom titled Preserving Email which provides a comprehensive advanced introduction to the topic for anyone who has to manage a large email archive in the long term.


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Making Digital Curation a Systematic Institutional Function

Chris Prom recently published an article titled ‘Making Digital Curation a Systematic Institutional Function‘ in the 6th volume of the The International Journal of Digital Curation. In his article Prom discusses the need for “institutions to implement systematic methods to capture, preserve and provide access to the complete range of documentation that end users need to understand and interpret past human activity.” He proposes The Practical E-Records Method which, “provides easy-to-implement software reviews, guidance/policy templates, and program recommendations that blend digital curation research findings with traditional archival processes and workflows.”


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Email Management: 15 Wasted Years

Check out Chris Prom’s post on his Practical E-Records blog  where he discusses a presentation given by Steve Bailey from JISC Infonet at the DPC Preserving Email Seminar in London, on July 29th. Bailey argued that the records management approach to email has shown little regard for users and the survival of a useful email record unlikely and he proposed an alternate way forward using new technologies such as “email archiving” software alongside a lightweight policy structure based on user needs and requirements.  Prom summarizes Bailey’s thoughts and applies them to his email preservation guidance report.


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Managing Email

On Chris Prom’s Practical E-Records blog there is an interesting case study by Susan Thomas titled “Receiving and Managing Email Archives at the Bodleian Library.”


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Testing Archivematica

Chris Prom released a case study on his Practical E-Record blog about his experiences with testing Archivematica:


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Web Archiving Service Evaluation

Chris Prom has a very helpful blog entry about his progress on evaluating web archiving service providers. His first three installments were reviews of open source software such as HTTrack, GNU Wget free utility, and Heritrix. The fourth installment is a review of the Web Archiving Service (WAS) developed by the California Digital Library, which is a fee based service for capturing and storing websites.
Check it out on his blog at:


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