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Describing Archives: A Content Standard, Second Edition (DACS) is Released

Describing Archives: A Content Standard, Second Edition (DACS) has been published. DACS facilitates consistent, appropriate, and self-explanatory description of archival materials and creators of archival materials. This new edition reflects the growing convergence among archival, museum, and library standards; aligns DACS with the descriptive standards developed and supported by the International Council on Archives; and provides guidance on the creation of archival authority records.

It can be viewed online at:

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AIMS Born-Digital Collections: Project Updates

The AIMS (An Inter-Institutional Model for Stewardship) project is a two-year project focusing on creating an inter-institutional framework for stewarding born-digital content. The milestones for 2011 are to ingest born digital materials into a Fedora Commons repository, be able to search the repository, edit metadata, and may include a prototype user interface for arrangement (creating series and subseries). To do this, the Hypatia application is being created to support the acessioning, arrangement/description, delivery and long term preservation of born digital archival collections. The Rubymatica tool, which is being created to have a Submission Information Package (SIP) creation tool written in Ruby and ready to be integrated with a suite of web applications, continues to be refined, with a beta version available for testing by interested parties. Check out the AIMS blog for further details:

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Digital Preservation Projects at Harvard University Library

In addition to their email archiving project, Harvard University Library has many projects and initiatives currently underway that deal with preserving digital content.

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Email Archiving Project at Harvard University

Harvard University Libraries began planning for an email archiving project in early 2007. The two-year pilot project was undertaken to implement a system for the ingest, processing, preservation, and eventual end user delivery of email, in anticipation of it becoming an ongoing central service at the University after the pilot. In 2010 they published a paper describing some of the unexpected challenges encountered during the pilot project and how they were
addressed by design decisions.

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Handbook on the Management and Preservation of Scientific Records and Data

A few months ago the International Council on Archives (ICA), Section on University and Research Institution Archives, published a new handbook on the management of scientific records. Only members can download the entire handbook, but it looks like it may be a worthwhile resource for those of us dealing with archiving faculty data sets.

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Disk Archive vs Tape Archive

In an article on part of the TechTarget website, there is a discussion about the the war of words over disk archive versus tape archive. This discussion and the thought that “tape sucks” could influence how we develop our digital archives.

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Toolkit for Managing E-Records

NARA has a handy online toolkit that provides links to numerous resources discussing the management of e-records.

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