Establishing Trustworthy Digital Repositories

NARA released a Discussion Guide for Establishing Trustworthy Digital Repositories Based on the ISO Open Archival Information System (OAIS) Standard Reference Model. While it focuses on federal records, it can provide guidance to all of us looking at digital repositories as tools that can help manage e-records.


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  1. The current 1.3 deelnopmvet branch should be fairly stable in the current state you find it. We could release 1.3 based on the branch (with a few corrections in the meantime) however it wouldn’t really accomplish much. Most of the changes are behind the scenes and would therefore cause disruption without much noticeable benefit to end users. There are some user visible changes modernization of the UI in places, Javascript rewrite to support X-Content-Security-Policy and minor feature additions.The next’ branch is where we’re trying out some experimental things that can hopefully be merged into master’ in the next few months. A complete rewrite of error handling, database access and numerous other changes will better justify the disruption caused to users with a new major release.

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