The Oregon Records Management Solution

According to the project website: “The Oregon Secretary of State Archives Division, Chaves Consulting, Inc. (CCI) and Arikkan, Inc. have formed a unique public-private partnership to implement the first statewide electronic records management solution of its kind in the country.”

To view more details, check out the site:


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Describing Archives: A Content Standard, Second Edition (DACS) is Released

Describing Archives: A Content Standard, Second Edition (DACS) has been published. DACS facilitates consistent, appropriate, and self-explanatory description of archival materials and creators of archival materials. This new edition reflects the growing convergence among archival, museum, and library standards; aligns DACS with the descriptive standards developed and supported by the International Council on Archives; and provides guidance on the creation of archival authority records.

It can be viewed online at:

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NIST Cloud Computing 6 Security Reference Architecture

NIST Releases Cloud Computing “Security Reference Architecture” (SP 500-299) for Public Comment.

You can view it here:

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The most recent issue of the international Records Management Journal included an article titled Preserving Records in the Cloud written by Jan Askhoj, Shigeo Sugimoto and Mitsuharu Nagamori. The paper, “examines the characteristics of managing records in a cloud computing environment and compares these with existing archiving models, exemplified by the open archival information system (OAIS) reference model.” The paper concludes, “that there are a number of areas where OAIS does not integrate well with cloud computing systems. Based on the findings, a new layered model for a cloud archiving system is defined using the concepts and information types from the OAIS reference model. The proposed model allows the sharing of functionality and information objects by making them available as services to higher layers. The model covers the entire document lifecycle, making archive functionality such as preservation planning possible at an early stage and helping to simplify records transfer.”

Preserving records in the cloud

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BPE 2012 Presentations

The Best Practices Exchange has posted their 2012 conference presentations online. These presentations focus on managing e-records, web archiving, managing digital photographs, and disaster recovery of digital material.

You can link to all of the presentations here:

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Data Curation Bibliography

Charles W. Bailey, Jr. recently released his Research Data Curation Bibliography which includes selected English-language articles, books, and technical reports that are useful in understanding the curation of digital research data in academic and other research institutions.

The bibliography can be accessed here:

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The Digital Curation Exchange

Visit the Digital Curation Exchange website that has been created to serve as a “town center” for the practitioners, researchers, educators, and students of digital curation. Visitors can view a range of information on digital curation, and if you create an account you can add digital curation events, jobs, resources, or questions and discuss what others have shared in the comments section.

Check out the space for all things relating to digital curation:

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